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DuPont’s La Porte, Texas Plant, Kills 4 Workers and Leaves a Fifth Worker Hospitalized

On Saturday, November 15, a deadly chemical gas leak at DuPont’s La Porte, Texas plant claimed the lives of four workers and injured a fifth worker who is currently hospitalized.

It was reported that an estimated 100 pounds of methyl mercaptan was released. Mercaptan is a chemical used to make insecticides and is also used in the processing plastics and in jet fuel.

To read more about this issue and to learn more about chemical safety regulations and the improvements needed to prevent these types of accidents please see the coverage highlighted below.

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Blog: DuPont Chemical Leak Kills 4, Leaves 580 Schools At Risk. By Molly Rauch, Moms Clean Air Force (11/19/2014)

Blog: Another Avoidable Accident Hits Texas. By Diana Ruiz, Greenpeace (11/20/2014)

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