Every day, millions of people live, work, and attend school in the shadow of high-risk industrial and commercial facilities that store and use highly hazardous chemicals. Dangerous chemical incidents, including fires, explosions and toxic releases, are extremely common in the U.S., occurring every other day on average. 

177 chemical incidents occurred in 2021. 186 occurred in 2022. 

Our coalition is calling on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to implement stronger regulations to prevent chemical disasters.

At least…

...chemical incidents have been reported this year, since January 1, 2023.

Chemical Incidents Near You

On average, there is a chemical fire, explosion or toxic release every two days in the U.S. Check the map below to see whether there has been a chemical incident reported in your area since June 1, 2021, and see our full incident tracker hereSome incidents do not appear on the map, due to lack of available information on their exact location.

Since 2011, over 100 organizations have called on the EPA to prevent chemical disasters. In 2017, the Obama administration issued an update of EPA’s Risk Management Program (RMP) rule, but the Trump administration delayed and then overturned it. It’s now up to President Biden and his administration to prevent future disasters. As a Senator, he spoke out in favor of disaster prevention.

Do you live near a dangerous chemical facility?

Almost 124 million people (39% of the U.S. population) live within 3 miles of a hazardous facility.

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