Below are some of the stories that have appeared in the media relating to the Coalition to Prevent Chemical Disasters, chemical disaster prevention, and chemical security.

Groups Ask White House to Speed EPA’S Review of Facility Regulations
Sam Pearson, E&E reporter
Published: Thursday, March 19, 2015
“Chemical safety groups are urging President Obama to push U.S. EPA to speed up a series of regulations on chemical facilities, calling them vulnerable to industry challenges if they are not accelerated.”

Faster Progress on Risk Management Rule Necessary, Advocates Tell White House
By Robert Iafolla, Bloomberg BNA
March 19, 2015
“The Environmental Protection Agency must move on strengthening safety regulations for high-hazard chemical facilities as soon as possible to ensure they ever take effect, a coalition of environmental, labor and public interest groups told the White House. Nearly 150 advocacy groups March 19 asked President Barack Obama to push the EPA to swiftly finalize modifications to its risk management program rule.”

Obama Administration Urged to Expedite EPA’S Facility RMP Updates
March 23, 2015,
“Environmental, labor and environmental justice groups are urging President Obama to expedite EPA’s plans for updating its Risk Management Plan (RMP) accident prevention rule for industrial facilities, saying the agency’s current time line fails to ensure that the agency will finalize the planned changes before Obama leaves office.”

Senators bear down on EPA and OSHA for inaction on chemical safety.
By Diana Ruiz, Greenpeace blog
December 18, 2014

Senator Boxer calls US chemical facility safety “outrageous” and “unacceptable.”
By Elizabeth Grossman, ScienceBlogs
December 17, 2014

Tragedies In Texas: Why Senators Say New Chemical Safety Rules are Needed.
By Dave Fehling, NPR StateImpact
December 12, 2014

Senate Democrats faulted the Obama administration yesterday for “unacceptable” agency efforts to improve safety at chemical facilities.
By Sam Pearson, E&E News
December 12, 2014

Boxer chides OSHA, EPA over chemical explosion response.
By Mike Elk, PoliticoPro
December 11, 2014

On 30th Anniversary of Fatal Chemical Release that Killed Thousands in Bhopal, India, CSB Safety Message Warns it Could Happen Again.
Release from U.S. Chemical Safety Board
December 1, 2014

Bhopal 30 Years On: Lessons From a Toxic Tragedy.
By Annie Leonard, Greenpeace
Huffington Post blog
December 3, 2014

Remembering the Bhopal Disaster.
By Ken Ward Jr., The Charleston WV Gazette
December 2, 2014

Accident at DuPont Puts Plant in Spotlight: La Porte Factory Faces Scrutiny Following Deadly Gas Leak.
By Alexandra Berzon, The Wall Street Journal
November 23, 2014

Deadly DuPont leak exposes safety, response failures
By Lisa Olsen and Mark Collette, Houston Chronicle
November 22, 2014

DuPont Chemical Leak Kills 4, Leaves 580 Schools At Risk.
By Molly Rauch, Moms Clean Air Force
November 19, 2014

Mapping DuPont’s Deadly Chemical Leak.
By Amanda Frank, Center for Effective Government
November 18, 2014

DuPont Chemical Plant Has History of Safety Violations.
Environmental Leader
November 18, 2014

As authorities probe deadly Texas leak, lobbying intensifies on safety rules.
By Sam Pearson, E&E reporter, Greenwire
November 17, 2014

Agencies Look for Cause of Fatal Gas Leak in Texas.
By Manny Fernandez, The New York Times
November 16, 2014

DuPont plant workers died rushing to help: Investigators seek cause of gas leak that killed four at La Porte facility.
By Mike Morris, Houston Chronicle
November 16, 2014

Guest Commentary: New California law on refinery maintenance operations can prevent accidents, save lives
By Rafael Moure-Eraso, Contra Costa Times
November 1, 2014

Could Bhopal happen here? Thirty years after the world’s most dangerous chemical plant disaster, we’re not much safer
By Anna Lappe, Al Jazeera America
October 28, 2014

Op-ed: Kids in the chemical danger zone
By Katherine McFate, Houston Chronicle
October 27, 2014

Op-ed: Moure-Eraso: Effective regulation of chemical industry still elusive since 1989 accident
By Rafael Moure-Eraso, Houston Chronicle
October 23, 2014

1 in 3 US children attends school in chemical ‘danger zones’
By Deepashri Varadharajan, Al Jazeera America
October 2, 2014

Op-ed: Will Obama Take on the Chemical Lobby? The President shares responsibility if no action taken on chemical-plant safety
By Rick Hind, Washington Spectator
September 1, 2014

Op-ed: ¿Quién está en peligro de un desastre químico?
Hoy Los Ángeles
August 26, 2014

Op-ed: The Danger of Combustible Dust
By Rafael Moure-Eraso, The New York Times
August 22, 2014

Countdown: Deadliest Chemical Accidents Since 2009
By Diana Ruiz, Huffington Post Green
August 19, 2014

Time to make chemical storage safety a top national priority.
By Hilton Kelley, McClatchy-Tribune News Service
August 8, 2014

Pace of reform is disappointment for safety groups 1 year after the executive order
By Sam Pearson, E&E News
August 1, 2014

Op-ed: Chemical Disasters Pose Risk to Communities of Color
By Richard Moore, National Journal
August 1, 2014

Louisiana chem plant with safety violations gets $1.8M tax break, no fine.
By Peter Moskowitz, Al Jazeera America
July 31, 2014

Op-ed: How industrial disasters discriminate: The socioeconomic dimensions of chemical explosions
By Robert Bullard & Richard Moore, Al Jazeera America
July 21, 2014

Koch-backed AG helps hide chemical plant dangers
The Rachel Maddow Show, MSNBC
July 7, 2014

Radio: Michele Roberts: Who’s in Danger? Race, Poverty, and Chemical Disasters
The Tavis Smiley Show
June 13, 2014

U.S. Panel: No Decision on Tougher Chemical Security Rules Until 2016
By Douglas P. Guarino, National Journal
June 9, 2014

U.S. Agencies Cite Progress to Prevent Repeats of West, Texas, Fertilizer Blast
By Randy Lee Loftis, McClatchy News
June 9, 2014

Short on immediate reforms, Obama team’s chemical safety report gets mixed response
By Reese Dunklin, The Dallas Morning News
June 9, 2014

Report Calls for Protection of Chemical Workers
By Tom Raum, Associated Press, Repost ABC News
June 7, 2014

Obama’s chemical safety plan ‘disappointing’
By Ken Ward Jr., Charleston Gazette
June 7, 2014

Regulators Eye New Chemical Handling Rules
By Alexandra Berzon, Wall Street Journal
June 6, 2014

Obama’s chemical safety plan ‘disappointing’
Obama’s chemical safety plan ‘disappointing’

US Stops short of forcing change in chemicals use after review.
Bloomberg News, Repost Chicago Tribune
June 6, 2014

Federal Agencies Propose Tougher Chemical Safety After Disaster In West, Texas.
By Kate Sheppard, Huffington Post
June 6, 2014

Chairman Boxer Reacts to Report to the President on Improving Chemical Safety and Security.
Press Release, Environment & Public Works Committee,
June 6, 2014

Chemical Safety Report Opens Door for Improvements, but Strong Requirements Still Needed
By Sean Moulton, Center for Effective Government
June 6, 2014

And Now For Something Completely Different: Chemical Facility Safety
By Timothy Malloy, Legal Planet
June 6, 2014

Obama Task Force On Chemical Dangers: Strong Enough?
By David Halperin, Huffington Post
June 6, 2014

Opinion: Chemical Safety should be required, not just requested
By John Shinn and Jeff Tittel,
June 3, 2014

Op-ed:  Chemical facilities should concern all of us
By Vickie Hennessy, Dayton Daily News
May 15, 2014

Latinos, concentrados en zonas de riesgo químico en Houston
By Olivia P. Tallet, La Voz de Houston
May 14, 2014

Report: Chemical stockpiles endanger poor, minorities
By James Bruggers, USA Today
May 1, 2014

Report: America’s poorest minorities at highest risk of chemical accidents
By Renee Lewis and Wilson Dizard, Al Jazeera America
May 1, 2014

Study: Blacks, Latinos, Low-income Americans Live Closest to Dangerous Chemical Plants
By David Halperin, Huffington Post
May 1, 2014

New Report Says 1 in 10 Missouri Kids at Risk Due to Toxins
By Elaina O’Connell, KOMU
April 18, 2014

Report: 70,000 MI Kids Attend School Near A Chemical Facility
By Mona Shand, Public News Service
April 17, 2014

Map: Is There a Risky Chemical Plant Near You?
By Jaeah Lee, Mother Jones
April 17, 2014

MSNBC No new safety rules since West, TX explosion
The Rachel Maddow Show, MSNBC
April 17, 2014

No action on safety in the year since the West Texas fertilizer explosion
Teamster Nation Blog
April 17, 2014

One Year after the West, Texas Explosion: Has Safety Improved?
By Sofia Plagakis, Center for Effective Government
April 17, 2014

Radio: Almost 100 Houston Schools Near Toxic Chemical Facilities, Analysis Shows
By Florian Martin, Houston Public Media
April 16, 2014

Op-ed: By Sara E. Smith, Program Director  Texas Public Interest Research Group in the Houston Chronicle
April 16, 2014

One year after West disaster no new regulations to prevent a repeat
April 15, 2014

Special Investigation Public Safety Chemical Danger: Area companies use millions of pounds of hazardous chemicals, yet the risks are largely hidden from the public.
By Lynn Hulsey, Dayton Daily News
April 13, 2014

Debate over inherently safer technology (IST) at chemical plants intensifies
Homeland Security News Wire
March 19, 2014

Fertilizer representatives ‘offer an industry-directed’ system for post-West safety
By Reese Dunklin, The Dallas Morning News
March 14, 2014

Senate Democrats Push For IST But EPA Official Declines To State Path
March 10, 2014

Senate Democrats Press For Stricter Chemical Security Requirements
By Douglas P. Guarino, NTI
March 07, 2014

Stopping chemical catastrophes: Can we do better than calling for stronger storage tanks?
By Elizabeth Grossman, ScienceBlogs
February 25, 2014

OpEd: Whitman: How to Improve Chemical Plant Safety
Former EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman, USA Today
February 20, 2014
“I urge the president to give the EPA the green light to take the steps it has the authority to take to safeguard the American people from the risk of both accidental and deliberate releases of toxic chemicals in sufficient quantities to cause real harm.”

Opinion: Toxic brews at chemical plants could trigger another Paulsboro-like incident 
By Natasha Lavard (Paulsbor Action Committee) and Debra McFadden (New Jersey Work Environment Council), The Star-Ledger
October 20, 2013

OpEd: Six months after Texas fertiliser plant explosion, little has changed
By Maj. Gen. Randy Manner, The Guardian
October 15, 2013

Will Gov. Chris Christie act to prevent a toxic disaster?: Opinion
By John Pajak (New Jersey Work Environment Council), The Star-Ledger
October 13, 2013

OpEd: Much Work Remains in West
Juan Parras (Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services) and Katherine McFate (Center for Effective Government), Houston Chronicle
October 20, 2013
on West, TX and the need for EPA action to prevent chemical disasters

Rafael Moure-Eraso: It’s time for government and industry to adopt inherently safer technology
By Chemical Safety Board Chair
 Rafael Moure-eraso Charleston Gazette
June 23, 2012
“It’s time for government (EPA) and industry to adopt inherently safer technology.”

Bush and the West Explosion: The untold story of deregulating chemical plants
All In with Chris Hayes, MSNBC
April 26, 2013
Uncovers the history of industry lobbying that has stalled previous efforts to adopt disaster prevention requirements since 2002

Who should be regulating chemical plants?
All In with Chris Hayes, MSNBC
April 25, 2013
MSNBC Interview With Former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson: “We need to use the authority we have now”

Chemical safety groups push for action ahead of agency recommendations
By Benjamin Goad, The Hill
October 22, 2013
The Hill reports on the Coalition’s video calling on President Obama to take action.

Op-Ed: The Chemical Threat to America
By Christine Todd Whitman, The New York Times
August 29, 2012