Do You Live Near a Dangerous Chemical Facility?

High-risk industrial and commercial facilities that use or store very hazardous chemicals are found in every U.S. state. Almost 124 million people (39% of the U.S. population) live within 3 miles of one of about 12,500 hazardous facilities included in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Risk Management Plan (RMP) program that are shown on this map.

The Life at the Fenceline project (produced by the Environmental Justice Health Alliance for Chemical Policy Reform, Coming Clean, and the Campaign for Healthier Solutions) explored cumulative health hazards, including risk of chemical disasters, across the United States.

Each dot on the map is one facility. The circle around each facility shows a 3-mile radius in which residents, businesses, schools, and others would be most at risk from a chemical release or explosion. The full chemical disaster zones for these facilities can extend up to 25 miles.